Monday, October 19, 2009

Hagrid Hair

I am in desperate need of a haircut. Like... not in that flippant, girly, "I need a change" kinda way. More like the "my hair is so fucking long and tangled and awful it's ridiculous" kinda way.
Friday night I went to Brooklyn for a friend's birthday. It was raining and freezing, so I decided to throw on my winter coat. Now I have lost a few pounds since last winter, so my coat looks more like a tent than a coat. That coupled with my ENORMOUS hair, I looked uncannily like Hagrid. Minus the beard. Though even that's only a matter of time.


  1. I slapped a beard on you in Photoshop. Not a bad look, actually.

  2. they say facial hair is slimming!

  3. Maybe some kind sole will donate to the cause and provide you with some proper winter attire...if only you know someone so the hair you character, although I think the facial hair is going overboard a bit....

    hey, how about some Phillies doodles, what we don't rate....


  4. oops...soul that is...don't want you to think some feet are going to come around and provide...

  5. haha hey i'm workin on em! only got rollins, werth, ras and hamels so far. and a couple pitchers from the dodgers.
    i'm too interested in WATCHING the game!