Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Benry Likes Girls

So I am unabashedly becoming one of Those Lost Fans. In honor of this concession that I will never treat Tuesday nights the same way again, here is MORE Lost fan art. There is no end in sight, guys. So feel free to run screaming lol.
Drawing the cast of this show just makes my heart happy.

My pal Emily is an Annie fan. Remember Annie? Yeah, Ben's childhood sweetheart with the weird wooden dolls. She's adorable and Ben likes her so WE should like her. Anyways, I forget how we got on the subject (like I could ever rationalize what makes me draw the ridiculous crap that I do) but the idea crossed our minds that I draw young Ben sandwiched between Annie and Emily's younger self. Because young Ben is adorable and awkward.
So here you have it. I don't know where she got that shirt, snapped some guy's neck at The Pearl I guess lol uddahs

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